Dendrometer Circumference
Dendrometer Linear
Dendrometer Stem (thin)
Dendrometer Stem (thick)

Quantum(PAR) Sensor・Pyranometer

MIJ-14PAR Type II Quantum (PAR) Sensor
Built-in Amplifier
MIJ-14PAR/K2 Type II Quantum (PAR) Sensor
No Amplifier
MIJ-14 RAD Type II/K2 Si Pyranometer

Leaf Area Index Mesurement

Leaf Area Index Measurement
LAI Sensor
Leaf Area Index Measurement
LAI Analyzer (Portable)

diffusion conductance

AP4 Porometer
Direct readout of stomatal conductance or stomatal resistance

Chlorophyll fluorescence measurement

FluorPen E-FP110 PAR FluorPen E-FP 110
portable, battery-powered PAM fluorometer
AquaPen-C E-AP 110-C / AquaPen-P E-AP 110-P
lightweight hand-held PAM fluorometer
MonitoringPen E-MP100
extended version of the popular FluorPen
Handy Fluor Cam E-FC 1000-H/+GFP
lightweight, portable device designed for time resolved chlorophyll fluorescence imaging device
Closed Fluor Cam E-FC 800C
best-selling system for imaging of chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics
Open Fluor Cam E-FC800-O/1010
highly modular instruments with flexible geometry
Fluorometer E-FL 6000
measures chlorophyll α fluorescence
Thermoluminescence E-TL 6000/ST
designed to investigate structure of energetic levels in the Photosystem II
Multi-Cultivator MC 1000-OD is intended for small-scale screening experiments of phototrophic organisms as algae, cyanobacteria and plant cells
Photobioreactors E-FMT150
combination of the bench-top cultivator and computer-controlled monitoring device
SpectraPen E-SP110 / PolyPen E-RP 410
handheld spectrophotometer that is ideal as a general-purpose instrument for research labs, agricultural and industrial applications
Fluor Kinetic Microscope E-FC 200-Z
Fluorescence Kinetic Microscope (FKM) extends the complete capacity of kinetic chlorophyll or multicolor fluorescence imaging to the realm of individual cells and subcellular structures