Leaf Area Index Measurement

Leaf Area Index Measurement

MIJ-15LAI/K2 Stationary Type
Leaf Area Index Sensor


・True LAI measurement that reacts only to sites containing chlorophyll

・Neglecting PAI    (PAI: Measured values including dead leaves, branches, trunks, etc.)

・The world’s only sensor that adopts a relationship in which the intensity ratio of PAR and IR correlates with LAI.

・The accuracy is much more accurate than the fisheye lens type

・MIJ-15 LAI K2 : Unmanned, continuous, automatic LAI sensor (Required in combination with data logger)

MIJ-15LAI/P Portable Type
Leaf Area Index analyzer


・The world’s only sensor that adopted the relationship that the spectral ratio of PAR and IR correlates with LAI

・Regardless of cloudy weather, fine weather, instantaneous LAI measurement on the spot has been completed

・Capable of Exact LAI measurement: counting only live leaves

・No PAI (Plant Area Index) counting so avoiding influences from dead leaves, branches, trunks remain