LAI Portable Analyzer MIJ-15LAI/P

LAI analyzer MIJ-15 LAI/P: Gives you absolute LAI value

Portable LAI Analyzer


  • The world's only sensor that adopted the relationship that the spectral ratio of PAR and IR correlates with LAI.
  • Regardless of cloudy weather, fine weather, instantaneous LAI measurement on the spot has been completed.
  • Capable of Exact LAI measurement: counting only live leaves.
  • No PAI (Plant Area Index) counting so avoiding influences from dead leaves, branches, trunks remain.
  • Portable
  • Another choice /K2 stands for fixed – point observation


Measurements of Leaf Area Index (LAI) divided into two types direct and estimating measurements. 
Measuring by Reaping or  leaf litter trap is the direct measurement. 
By estimating leaf volume and light decay based on optical estimation by using hemispherical photograph is the estimating measurement.

Disadvantage of major Plant Canopy analyzer 

To see the LAI results, we will need to have two plant Canopy analyzers; this is because LAI result  must need to compare the transmission of light ratio both inside and outside canopy at the same time.  This means, it is depending on the absolute value of inside and outside light; thus the at least two instruments need to set at inside and outside.

There is no stable atmosphere condition so researchers must care solar radiation intensity every single test. In fact, solar radiation intensity is mostly stable at cloudy weather but do you want to choose cloudy weather for field experiments? Even though solar radiation intensity is stable at cloudy weather condition, you still need to care the sun height, to gain the good LAI results. To do so  instruments need to place at same sun height. But can you keep setting at same height?  

Do you know Plant Area Index (PAI) influencing LAI results? 
This is because general LAI sensor involve branch and dead leaves these elements cannot called leaf but major LAI meter ignoring  the fact that these obstacles messing LAI results so it is impossible to correct exact LAI value.

MIJ-15LAI Sensors

To avoid above mentioned troublesome, MIJ-15LAI/P and MIJ-15LAI Type2/K2 will be able to let researcher to determine quantity of LAI by measuring the spectral ratio of sunlight transmitted through plant canopy.
We used the measurement by spectroscopy.
(Patented NO.JP5410323B22014.2.5)
PAR(400-700nm) and NIR(700-1000nm) will be reflect and absorption occur at chlorophyll inside leaf so the transmitted light ratio is correlated with LAI.
MIJ-15 LAI/P and MIJ-15LAI Type II/K2 gives numerous hopes for the feature research.
You do not need to think about weather condition and LAI and PAR can be measured  just set under the canopy or leaf. Also you only need to have one MIJ-15LAI Type II/P so price will be reasonable compare to other LAI instruments and it is portable so you can measure easily or traditionally set it under canopy; LAI annual change can be measured with data logger .