Si Pyranometer MIJ-14RAD Type2/K2 (without Amplifier PTCC Installed Type)

Si Pyranometer MIJ-14RAD Type2/K2


  • ・Equipped Passive Temperature Compensation Circuit (P.T.C.C). ±0.01%/Degree 
  • ・Provides only ±1.5% error of incident angle characteristic(0 to 79°) with the large sized diffuser with additional aperture.
    (diffuser:Made of PTFE R40 which have curved surface)
  • ・Optical: Si photodiodeS1336-5BK, photosensitivity adjustment device, φ4.0 aperture for preventing internal diffuse reflection 
  • ・Easy to fix:All of parts can be disassembled (except bulkhead connector ) 
  • ・Protecting flooding issue from cable extraction part by using waterproof bulkhead connector 
  • ・Easy to measure level: Level gauge installed on the base.
    (Not required for optional leveling fixture)

Si Pyranometer MIJ-14RAD Type2/K2

This looks same as two types of MIJ-14PAR type2/K2 
Built-in and without amplifier type for the exterior, but this is Si pyranometer that the wavelength range of photosensitivity was optimized for solar radiation measurement. The feature is that the sensitivity of the received light spectrum to the wavelength is adjusted to reduce the spectral error compared to the thermal (thermopile type) pyranometer. In addition, PTFE is used for the diffusion plate, which has sensitivity up to the ultraviolet region (300~1100nm) compared to acrylic. Installing Passive temperature compensation circuit (P.T.C.C.) lead improvement of thermal characteristic.

Easy to measure level with level gauge installed on the base.
Easy setting by using three sharp tip level adjuster screws for leveling, and fixed by two screws
(Not required for optional leveling fixture)

Molecular sieve and silica gel are installed at middle of base and easy to exchange them by removing three mounting screws


Measurement Range 0〜2,000W/m2 
Output  Representative value around 10mV at 1000W/m2,
 Cal. factor stated as ###.##Wm-2/mV on the label
Thermal characteristic <±0.01%/℃
Measurement Unit W/m2
Response Speed 0.2 μ Sec 
Cosine error <±1.5% at 0〜79°(< -50%Peak at 80〜89°)
Azimuth error <±0.5% over 360° at 60°elevation
Material Frame:A5052, Coating: Black & White anodised, Diffuser: PTFE
Operating Conditions -40〜80℃
Dimension Max external diameter: 54mm, Hight: 38.6mm 
Weight Sensor:127g, Cable:120g 
Pin assign White/Output+, Black/Output GND
Calibration Based on Kipp&Zonen CMP21,
Secondary calibration with halogen lamp




Standard MIJ-14PAR Type2 without amplifier SI Pyranometer , 5 meter cable, Screws for mounting M4-30
Optional MIJ-14CCA-Extension cable 5 meter