Quantum (PAR )Sensor MIJ-14PAR

Quantum (PAR) Sensor MIJ-14PAR/K2


MIJ-14 series  look all same as MIJ-14PAR type2/K2 Built-in amplifier type for the exterior, it is 90% same but Instead of built-in amplifier, it installed passive type temperature compensation circuit. By reviewing the optical system, improved transient characteristics at cosine error (<80°) in practical use. As a result, MIJ-14PAR type2/K2 without amplifier type is the respond for the demand for high-end PAR sensor.



  • ・Equipped Passive Temperature Compensation Circuit (P.T.C.C). ±0.01%/Degree
  • ・ ±1.5% error of incident angle characteristic(0 to 79°) with the large sized diffuser

  • ・Optical : Si photodiode, UVIR filter, HOYA LB40 (red attenuation), φ4.0 aperture for preventing internal diffuse reflection
  • ・Easy to fix(All of parts can be disassembled except bulkhead connector)
  • ・Easy to detach cable(Protecting flooding issue from cable extraction part by using waterproof bulkhead connector)

Additional Features
・Easy to measure level with level gauge installed on the base.

・Easy setting level by using three sharp tip level adjuster screws, and fixed by two screws. (Not required for optional leveling fixture).

  • ・Molecular sieve and silica gel are installed at middle of base and easy to exchange them by removing three mounting screws.

Equipped with water puddle prevention hole

Pointed screw for level adjustment

Internal silica gel

waterproof connector

1000m water resistance tested

-25°C to +65°C temperature characteristic test


Measurement Range  0〜5,000μE
Output  Representative value around 10mV at 2300μE,
Cal. factor stated as ###.##μE/mV on the label
Thermal characteristic   <±0.01%/℃
Measurement Unit  μE (μmol・S-1・m-2)
Response Speed  0.2μSec
Cosine error  <±1.5% at 0〜79°(<-50%Peak at 80〜89°)
Azimuth error  < ±0. % over 360° at 60°elevation
Material  Frame:A5052, Coating: Black anodised, Diffuser: PTFE
Operating Conditions  -40〜80℃
Dimension  Max external diameter: 54mm, Hight: 38.6mm
Weight  Sensor:127g, Cable:120g 
Pin assign  White/Output+, Black/Output GND

Standard & Option

Standard MIJ-14PAR Type2 without amplifier, 5 meter cable, Screws for mounting M4-30
Optional MIJ-14CCA-Extension cable 5 meter


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