Quantum Sensor MIJ-14PAR AMPLIFIER

PAR Quantum Sensor MIJ-14PAR Type2 BUILT-IN AMPLIFIER Type


  • ・Realized only ±1.5% incident angle error (0~80degree) by using large diffuser with curved surface (the diffuser made of PTFE R=40)

  • ・Auto Zero circuit adjusting Zero point automatically and also it will constantly feed back to the measured value

  • ・Solved deterioration problem in the case of using Si photodiode + UV/IR cut off filters

  • ・Fixable so can be used for long time

More feature

・MIJ14 PAR sensor will provide high accurate measurement and even at dark place such as in the canopy, time around sunrise and sunset
(Built-in amplifier keep output to 1mVDC at 1μE)

  • ・Easy to measure level with level gauge installed on the base by using three sharp tip level adjuster screws for leveling, and fix sensor by two screws (Not required for optional leveling fixture)Molecular sieve and silica gel are installed at middle of base and easy to exchange them by removing three mounting screws

Molecular sieve & silica gel

Waterproof Connector

Installed Base can be adjust by sharp-end  screws


Measurement Range 0〜5,000μE 
Output 1.0mVDC at 1.0μE, Max:5000.0mVDC at 5,000.0μE
Noise Level ±0.05mV(=±0.05μE)at 0 μE
S/N ratio 0.001% at F.S.
Measurement Unit μE (μmol・S-1・m-2)
Preheat 6〜14VDC, <1mA
Start up time 0.05 sec
Thermal Characteristic
Cosine error
<±2.5% at 0〜80°< ±21% at 80〜90°
Azimuth error <±0.5% over 360° at 60°elevation
Material Frame:A5056, Coating: Black alumite, Diffuser: PTFE
Operating Conditions
MAXφ:54mm, Hight:38.6mm
Weight Sensor part:127g, Cable:120g
Pin-assign White/Output+

Standard & Option

Standard MIJ-14PAR Type2 with amplifier, 5mcable, Screws for mounting M4-30
Optional MIJ-14CCA-Extension cable 5m


Reference: Mixed Japanese and English journals