MIJ-02LM TypeII Linear Dendrometer

Absolute Linear Dendrometer MIJ-02LM TypeII

Picture shows 2 sensors but selling sensor one by one


  • Basically, target is the tree stem but by adjusting the securing bracket and spring rate will be able to measure thin branch, fruit, crops and etc.
  • Possible to read daily expansion and contraction by equipping the non-backlash potentiometer.
  • Reduced thermal characteristic to the limit by offsetting the linear thermal expansion coefficient of shaft and fixed nail.
  • Avoid the thermal characteristic of potentiometer by using ratiometric output
  • Minimum friction help to setting spring constant low


Photosynthetic rate and water potential, these biological data are hard to gain by using automatic measurement. These difficulties can be solved by Dendrometer; MIJ-02 LM Type2 is the Dendorometer that will help measuring live tree’s sapwood displacement for long term and also high time resolution. MIJ-02 LM Type2 can measure with less than 0.1um resolution and also be able to analyze process of sapwood shrinks occur from sapflow and relation with sapwood pressure potential. As annual changes, individual carbon fixation and production from individual live tree will be the direct index which can lead estimation of whole canopy value. 


Product MIJ-02LM Type2 (Sensor Only)
Can purchase cable from 2m,5m or 10m choice
The picture shows two sensors which does not mean selling as two sensor set 
Measurement Range 11000um
Resolution 2.2um/mV
(MIJ-01: 0.022um, MIJ-12: 2.2um)
Regression equation
(Out put)
(dL: displacement (um), Vout: voltage output, Vpre: preheat voltage)
(MIJ-01: dL=11000*X001/5000input to PVS)
Preheat 5VDC
(Less than 1mA at 5VDC)
Withstand Voltage >18VDC
pin assignment Brown: preheat, Blue: Output voltage, Black: common
(Preheat GND and output voltage GND are shared)
Sliding resistance >0.3N (Not include spring)
Linearity ±1%
Thermal Characteristic -0.126um/DEG
Waterproof IP67
Full Length:99.3mm(not include cable length)
Diameter φ16mm (Include springφ20mm)
30g (Not include cable weight)
Waterproof cable with connector 

Component List:(For first customer we suggest  purchasing  list 01〜05 )

1. MIJ-02LM  With standard connecter cable 5m
2. MIJ-02LM Bracket Dedicated Vice
3. Long Screw Bit L=65 #3,L=65
4. Long drill for pilot hole φ2.5-L200mm,Griive Length:100mm
5. Fastening long Screw  Screw part L=50,φ5.9
Body L=85,φ4.2
6. Drill for enhancing inner bark φ4.5-L80mm, Groove Length:47mm
7. Thermocouple 0.32TG,PVC
8. Standard connector cable 5m For exchange
9. Connector cable 10m Standard cable 10m version
10. Relay ended connector cable 5m 5m cable for relay 
11. Relay ended connector cable 10m 10m cable for relay 

New user need below parts

(1 or 2 sensor)
MIJ-02 Bracket
Long screw Bit
Long Drill for Pilot hole
Fastening Long Screw