Stem Dendrometer MIJ-02 LMM for thick stem

Dendrometer Mid-Range MIJ-02 LMM M-size (For stem diameter 18mm~50mm)


Diurnal variations in the thickness of the inner bark of tree trunks in relation to xylem water potential and phloem turgor


Photosynthetic rate and water potential, these biological data are hard to measure by using automatic measurement. However,  these difficulties can be solved by Dendrometer.
Measuring daily changes of trunk or stem caused by construction factors such as photosynthesis, transpiration, and sap flow; and also by hypertrophy factor which occur by the water storage during night time from root to trunk. Measuring annual changes same as measuring speed of secondary growth and carbon fixation. Also it helps to analyze the data of the mid-term phenomenon that will change weekly from excess water stress.


  • Non-Destructive dendrometer
  • High temporal resolution, High resolution, unattended measurement
  • Wide measurement range φ18~50mm
  • Avoid the thermal characteristic of potentiometer by Using ratiometric output
  • Minimum friction help to setting low spring constant

LMM without bands
Bands always require when measuring

LMM・LMS Stay (Above photo)

From left side LMS・LMM
LMS(Hummer Head) customized to LMM(Arrow Head) which allow to measure stem(φ18~50mm)

Dendrometer MIJ-02 LMM

We recommend MIJ-02 LMM to researchers by following reasons.

・LMM can respond to every single environmental changes with high time resolution, high resolution and no human effort.

・Medium size branch and stem (>φ50mm) can measure in a green way.

・LMM develop based on MIJ-02 LM that passed operation verification

・Special stay  help accurate measurements

The purpose of developing non-destructive dendrometer is because thin plants have less destruction resistance. Sample cross section will be narrowed from 3 directions of 120°division that mean offset placement of fastening part to samples. In other words, it  minimizing the sample stress from equipping instruments.
This stress-free structure has one more advantage that is the sensor will not take time to fit to the sample; thus, it is possible to acquire the valid measurement data right after mounting the sensor to the samples.
Generally, trunk or stem will change ± several dozen 
µm but MIJ02-LMM dendrometer can measure tiny changes, so we set the measurement resolution less than 1 um.
It depends on the resolution of data logger but generally it can gain the data with  less than 0.01um 
resolution. (0.00911um/0.01mV.)

Annual change of tropical rain forest will grow diameter direction around 10mm per year and only a few mm per year in temperate environment.
Measurement range of LMM dendrometer is φ18mm~50mm which could be enough to measuring thin sample.
As annual changes, individual carbon fixation and production from individual sample will be the direct index that will be able to lead estimation of whole canopy value.

LMM Specification

Product MIJ-02LMM (Sensor Only)
Range φ18mm~50mm
Output Ratiometric (eg: When preheat 5V then output full scale is also 5V)
Resolution 0.911um/mV
Regression Equation (Output) dr=11000*(Vout/ Vpre) / ( 1+SQR2 )
dr: Radius displacement, Vout: Output mV, Vpre: Preheat Voltage mV, SQR: Square root
Preheat 5VDC (<1mA at 5VDC)
Withstand Voltage <18VDC
Pin Assignment Brown: preheat
Blue: Output voltage Black: common
(Preheat GND and output voltage GND are shared)
Sliding Resistance <0.3N
Spring Constant Standard (for wood) 0.3N/mm, Medium (for plants without wood)0.1N/mm
Linearity ±1%
Thermal Characteristic <-0.126um/DEG
Waterproof IP67
Size Length:160mm  (When measuring max diameter 50mm)
Wight 48g (Including hummer head stay; Not including Cable)
Supplied MIJ-02 LMM
NITTO EPTSEALER (Used for Mounting Hummer head to plant stem)
Cable Tie
MIJ-02 LMM LMS sensor, Ept sealer1m, Cable tie
Standard Cable 2m Cable with IP68 M12 connector 2m
Standard Cable 5m Cable with IP68 M12 connector 5m
Standard Cable 10m Cable with IP68 M12 connector 10m
5m Cable extension connector both ended  Extension Cable with IP68 M12 connectors 5m
10m Cable extension connector both ended  Extension Cable with IP68 M12 connectors 10m
Waterproof Logger MIJ-12 Waterproof 1ch Logger
MIJ-01 Data Logger 8ch data logger (higher resolution)