HH2 Moisture Meter

What is HH2?

The HH2 Moisture Meter is a versatile readout unit for use with Delta-T soil moisture sensors. It can be used with the PR2 Profile Probe (both analogue and SDI-12* versions), ML3 ThetaProbe, SM150T and WET Sensors.


Immediate display of water content

Reads ML3, SM150T, PR2 (analogue and SDI-12) or WET Sensor

Stores up to 1500 time-stamped readings

Combination with Delta-T device Soil moisture sensor

Profile probe PR2

Portable Soil Moisture KIT with HH2

ML3 Theta Kit
Measure VWC
Measure VWC, EC, Temp


can be used with ML3, SM150T, PR2 (analogue and SDI-12) or WET Sensor
Input connections 1 water content sensor or 1 WET Sensor
Readings stored 1,500
Configuration By keypad
Communication options RS232 / USB(With USB to RS232 Adapter Cable type USB-RS232)
Sensor excitation 1 switched battery
Power 9 V 6LR61 (PP3) alkaline
Battery life (dependent on usage) ~ 5,000 readings
Enclosure rating IP54
Temperature range 0 to +40°C
Display 2 line x 16 character
Size 125 x 80 x 45mm
Typical applications Instantaneous reading of soil moisture / profiles/ WET Sensor