MIJ-02 Type II Rotary Setting Manual

MIJ-02 Type II Rotary Setting Manual

How to Set: Basic Measurement of trunk circumference

Please Set MIJ-02 Rotary Dendrometer as below steps

When measuring growth of vertical direction or extremely bent tree, please make sure that pulley of MIJ-02 is not aim to upward but it aims to side or down.
If the pully aim to upward it will cause puddle of rain water at potentiometer bearing which leads failure.


Please choose smooth bark to set MIJ-02 dendrometer.
Wire also need to be set at smooth bark.
For fixing the MIJ-02, use the fixing screw. Two holes on the MIJ-02 arm, screw the fixing screw to the tree.
(Please use #2 Phillips screwdriver)

Make sure it not wobble.


Some users struggle with how to wrap the wire but it is very simple so please wrap as follows.

Wrong setting shown at very bottom of this page.


Make a circle around the tree trunk clockwise, and pass the tip of the wire returning from the left through the hole of the wire stopper from the left side. After the wire has passed, tighten the screw on the wire stopper while pulling the wire until the pulley rotates slightly. You don’t have to overtighten it, just your fingertips will suffice. 
(Tool : Hex Socket 1.5mm)


Look at the whole, check the fixing of the dendrometer, the position of the wire, etc., and make corrections as necessary.
Note: By this stage, measure the trunk circumference of the place where the wire is wound with a measuring tape (Necessary for analysis).

Bad example: The wire is down. Please correct it to an appropriate state.


Excess wire should be organized by using wire band.
( Please use black wire band to avoid UV damage)


When all steps are done, connect the dendrometer and logger. At this time, push it in until the claws click.

The logger hangs on the trunk and bundles the extra cables together.
It will lead to the reduction of the following damages.
・ Damage from wild animals
・ Impact from human damage

This is a winding method that users tend to do.
Please note that measurement is not possible with the following winding methods.