Circumferential Dendrometer

Dendrometer Circumferential MIJ-02 Rotary Type3

What is dendrometer ?

Dendrometer is sensor that help researcher, growers, and forester to measure the growth of plants. Dendrometers are mostly used by researchers to measure the growth of a stem, trunk, branch, roots or fruits for long term observation.
Very ancient type of measurement is by using tape or band which  wrapped around the trunk of a tree. This kind of measurement takes time and it will not give us exact result and also researches need to go to the place over the time, and record the plant growth daily, weekly or monthly.
To get exact result of plant growth, we need to avoid ancient type of measuring.

Can you see μm changes on your eyes?

Combined with a data logger, our dendrometers enable both diurnal and seasonal changes in hypertrophic growth, that is, automatic reading over a long period of time at short intervals. In addition, stable measurement in μm units, which is not possible with the visual type, but our dendrometer is possible to see in μm units.

Dendrometer Type 3 is an evolution of Type 2 that is easier to use and non-destructive.
Some users may be using a combination of Type II and MIJ-12 waterproof logger, but Type 3 has the same cable connector as Type 2, so the logger can be used as it is.


・Selectable nondestructive or screw mount (Need to purchase nondestructive KIT for nondestructive method)

・Wire typed dendrometer allow measurement immediately after set to measurement object.

・Potentiometer and pulley can be rotate 30 degree

・Set the wire position close to the measurement object (5mm) that allow to obtain absolute value

・Wide measurement Range (30mm)

・Ratiometric output lead to avoid potentiometer thermal characteristics

・Wide range of measurement Object (Measurement Object above Φ40mm~infinity)


Nondestructive KIT

Floating Mount


Standard Product Model MIJ-02 Type3/W1.0 
(Include wire 1m, mesh tube 1m, 2 screws)
Cable exclude (Please purchase if you need and inform us the length)
Measurement Range 30000 μm
Output Ratiometric
(eg:When preheat set 5V then full scale of output will be 5V)
Resolution Depend on data logger
(6um/mV, Using MIJ-01 0.06um, MIJ-12 6um)
Regression equation
(dL: displacement (um), Vout: voltage output, Vpre: preheat voltage
(Please input the following equation to PVS if you use MIJ-01 dL=30000*X001/5000)
Power (Preheat) 5VDC(1mA at 5VDC) 
Withstand Voltage <18VDC
Sensor Wiring Red: Power (preheat), White: output voltage, Black: common
(Power and output voltage GND are shared) 
Sliding resistance 0.03-0.15Nm(Measured value range  0-30mm)
Wire thermal characteristic Thermal expansion coefficient 17.3×10^-6/DEG 
Waterproof IP65 (Potentiometer part)
Operating Temperature -40~100℃ (it may frozen but will not destroyed)
Size W:56mm H:90mm D:53mm (Exclude cable)
Weight 116g (Exclude cable, screws)
Pulley rotation angle 90 Degree (90DEG for mechanically and electrically)
Screw holes φ4-2 positions
Waterproof Connector Standard CL07D03M(plug)
Standard Accessories ・Wire 1m
・2 screws SUS410
・Wire cover tube 1m
・Hex wrench3.0mm
Option ・Wire (Please inform length before order)
・Wire cover tube will be extended as it is.
・Nondestructive KIT