VWC EC Temperature WET150/WET150KIT

WET150 Multi-Parameter Soil Sensor



The WET150 sensor is inexpensive but has three functions: soil moisture, pore water conductivity (EC), and soil temperature.

The new digital multi-parameter WET150 soil sensor represents the culmination of forty years research and development at Delta-T Devices. Through a number of key design innovations it delivers research-grade accuracy and build quality at a price point not previously thought possible. It is the ideal sensor for research of soil conditions – and for integration into SDI-12 environmental and horticultural measurement/control systems.

Difference between ECb and ECp

ECb (bulk value of EC), measure temperature.
ECp (Pore Water Conductivity available to plants, a more practical parameter than ECb. Pore Water Conductivity)


・NEW lower cost research-grade multi-parameter sensor

Measures moisture, temperature and EC

Digital SDI-12 for easy system integration

Rugged, buriable and low power

Detachable and extendable cable system

WET150 body size details

WET150 setting image

WET150 vs WET2

  WET150 WET2
Parameter VWC, EC, Temperature VWC, EC, Temperature
VWC Accuracy ±3% ±3%
Measurement range 5~100% 0~100%
Temperature range -20°C ~ 60°C -5 ~ 50°C
Frequency dielectric constant  100 MHz 20 MHz
EC Accuracy ± (6% + 10mS.m-1 ) ± 5%  or ± 10%
Temperature Measurment require to bury whole sensor body Sensor rod will measure temperature
output SDI-12 protocol 1.3 Serial TTL Data
Data logger/ readout unit GP2, WET150 meter, Data logger for SDI12 GP1、GP2、HH2


  VWC ECb Temperature
Accuracy ± 0.03 m3 .m-3 (3%) ±(6% + 10mS.m-1) ± 1.0°C
Measurement range 0 ~ 1.0 m3 .m-3 0 ~ 2000 mS.m-1 -20°C ~ +60°C
Range to which the above accuracy applies 0.05 ~ 1.0 m3 .m-3
ECb: 0 ~ 500 mS.m-1
0 to 1200 mS.m-1 -20°C to +50°C
Output SDI-12 protocol 1.3 (www.sdi-12.org)
Supply voltage 6 ~ 20 V
Size Bosy:143(H) x 40 mm(W) 
Weight 77g (not include cable)

WET150 Meter Specification

Control Keypad
Battery 2 x AA alkaline batteries
BATTERY LIFE > 2400 readings
Operation temperature 0~40℃
Display 2 line x 16 character
Size 130×66×25
Cable length 90cm
Weight 160g

Since respond speed is slow for temperature, it is not suitable for measuring soil temperature with WET150 KIT.

WET150 + GP2

5m cable (Connection for GP2 and WET150)
Extension cable(1,5,10,25m)
GP2-NTP (connect several WET150)
GP2 data logger

Those who want to convert RAW Value to VWC such as Mineral

A conversion sheet is available.
Please download from the box below.