MUX 32/64 MultiPlexer

MUX 32/64 MultiPlexer


Using Semiconductor switch so life time last long

・Compact size and easy to handle

・Maximum Two MUX32/64 can be connected to MIJ-01 

・Preheat and Diff can be enhanced so many power supply needed sensors can be connected

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This MultiPlexer is enhancing analog input for MIJ-01 Data Logger. It equipped the 4set of enhancing circuit which can enhance the DIFF1ch to DIFF8ch and also it can enhance eight times preheat. Two MUX32/46 can be connected to Logger so that DIFF can be 64ch and SE can be 128ch. 

The purpose of MUX32/46 is lower the 1ch cost.


Input 32ch Diff or 64ch SE analog (accept K&T thermocouple)
Logger+MUX1(qty) DIFF:     MIJ-01+MUX=4+32=36ch
SE     :     MIJ-01+MUX=8+64=72ch 
Logger +MUX2(qty) DIFF:     MIJ-01+2×MUX=32+32=64ch
SE     :     MIJ-01+2×MUX=64+64=128ch
Preheat output 32ch
Power supply From MUX power port of MIJ01
2nd MUX will be from 1st MUX
Operating current consumption <5mA
Standby current consumption 1mA
(Logger at start up but no current consumption at sleep mode)
Operating environment -25 to 60℃/ >90%RH
*Avoid condensation since it is not waterproof
*Please use waterproof case, desiccant, and cable gland at field observation
Size 176×116×22mm(Including maximum protrusion part)
Weight 364g
Cable Size AWG24〜16(φ0.52〜1.29mm), screw-less (pressure spring type) 
Material RoHS
Accessories Signal cable , Power supply cable 
Manual Depending on MIJ-01 Data manual