EMJ Data Logger MIJ-01

Catalog pdf

MIJ-01 is developed to proposition for high precision, high resolution, multi channel, large data capacity, small size, lightweight, energy saving,  and usefulness . Thus, MIJ-01 can support Diff 8ch, Zero-cross, pulse, and serial input; and it can also last long with only 4 AA battery.
Not only these but using Option MUX32/64 MultiPlexer, it can enhance the number of channels up to DIFF64 channels and 128 Single end channels; which mean it can be able to use on a small scale as stand alone to extensive measurements scale. 


  • Work 350 days with mounted 4AA alkaline batteries.

  • Individual 8 Ch.150mA capacity pre-heat output
    (Excitation out put for drive many kind of sensors)

  • Analog inputs of DIFF8ch (SE16ch) equipped with zero-crossing 2ch, rain gauge pulse 4ch and RS232C /2ch. 5ppmTCXO is used for time stamp.

  • Additional calibration was done using satellite 1pps pulse at factory calibration 24 bit AD converter (effective 18bit).

  • Micro SD Memory card slot mounted on MIJ-01; No need to think about memory limit.

  • E-LOG Software makes easy logger operation.
    (Free download without authentication)

  • External power supply accept DC12V many kind of batteries

  • PC requires USB cable for connecting PC
    (USB cable supplied with MIJ-01)

  • Sized almost same as spread passport size

  • Easy installation to Pelican1120 water proof box
    (Optional or user can buy everywhere)

 MIJ-01 Specification

Input Range Resolution Error Rate
DIFF ±5000 mV 0.01mV ±0.02%F.S.
SE 0 to +5000mV 0.01mV ±0.03%F.S.
DIFF ±1250 mV 0.01mV ±0.05%F.S.
SE 0 to +1250mV 0.01mV ±0.05%F.S.
DIFF ±15 mV 0.1 micro V ±0.04%F.S.
SE 0 to +62.5mV 0.1 micro V ±0.04%F.S.


Temperature measurement Support T and K type thermocouple when On-board IC thermistor + aluminum block set as Cold junction .

Precision of cold junction temperature ±1.0℃
Built-in Clock

Guaranteed ±5 ppm,  since using TCXO crystal oscillator
 ・±158 seconds per year (-40 to 85 degree)
・ ±120 seconds per year (-10 to 60 degree)

Ship out after our calibration based on 1pps from GPS
・ ±30 seconds per year (-10 to 60 degree)

 DC measurement accuracy ± 0.016%
(calibrated by YOKOGAWA GS200 and  based on result from comparative test by  Keithley2002)
Analogue input DIFF/8ch, (SE/16ch)
preheat output 8 ch
(DC12, 5 and 2.5V which selectable with ELOG and each DIFF channel can be set independently )
Pre-heat Capacity Maximum current value 150mA/ch
Pulse input 4ch
(Used for such as rain gauge with less than 20 Hz)
Zero cross inputs 2ch
(Used for such as anemometers but Generator type will be with less than 15V)
Serial input 2ch
External battery input 9 to 18 DCV
Program memory 128KB
(Built in microcomputer)
SD card format FAT32
EEP ROM capacity 32kB (On-board)
DC current at sleep mode Less than 10 μA
DC current at measurement Less than 80 mA
(less than 100 mA when writing to memory card)
Working environment -25 to 60 ℃ /90%RH
NO support for condensation.
(Use waterproof case, desiccant and cable grant at outside installation.)
Size 176 x 116 x 28 mm
Screw position for panel mount Wide 169 mm offset +30mm
(2 of M4 bolts and washer are recommended. See manual.)
Weight 358g (455g With 4AA alkaline batteries)
Battery 4 AA battery
(Accept another type but only 1.2 to 1.8DCV/ cell ) 
Memory back up battery When external battery connected, mounted 4AA will work as back up battery  
Running time  350 days
(This running time based on set up for analog 8ch, interval 10 minutes, and not using pre-heat
Measurement Interval  sec: 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 

min: 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30

hr: 1, 3, 6 
A/D converter  24bit
(When less than noise level it will be consider as 18bit RMS value)
Input impedance > 2MΩ
Cable size AWG24 to 16 (φ0.52 to 1.29mm) 
Material RoHS
Operation manual Download from EMJ homepage

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